“Wing Chun is not a Style. It is a Theory of martial art.”

Core Students of Yip (Ip) Man (L to R): Wang Kiu, Lok Yiu, Tsui Sheung Tin, Wong Shun Leung (Leung Sheung had passed away). Photo 1986.

Wang Kiu is the least-known name among Yip Man’s original “Core Group” in Hong Kong. He never sought a public profile. I had never heard of him when I signed up for his first open seminar in N. America in 1986. I had been diligently teaching another program for a large organization for more than 10 years, and I felt that I had gained all I could from it. Wang Kiu’s combination of highly educated, gentlemanly manner, and the tidal wave of integrated knowledge he poured out were compelling. So was his absolute lack of interest in recruiting, in “growing an organization”, or even proselytizing Wing Chun. He was much more interested in showing that Wing Chun has what he called an “Essence” in the form of underlying Principles that could benefit any Art.

I was definitely out of my depth here, and I LOVED it! Something to really sink my teeth into! I have now finished my first 30 Years of contemplation in this direction. It is past time for me to do my “due diligence” in spreading what I can understand of these depths.

So, passing on this “meat of the topic” will be the core purpose of this website.

Like Wang Kiu, I seek no particular standing; a much worthier purpose is to build toward his dream of Wing Chun being a “Round Table”.

So, in his enthusiastic words, “Let’s Begin!”


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