Watch the Tires

As I have discuss at, aggressive interactions contain vastly more information than we can process thoroughly in the time available–that is fundamental to their nature.

So the practical question is which 90% to essentially ignore; which few factors are essential to effective responding.

Some years ago, I retained something from listening to a police officer. He was asked how he was certain enough to ticket a driver for ‘failure to stop’ at a stop sign, where “rolling stops” are common practice. What factor did he focus on to support the ticket if it went to court? It is unsupportable to just say “it looked like he didn’t stop” because a car at 0 mph is not clearly different from a car at 1-2 mph. But it is very clear to the eye if a tire or rim is rotating, even a small amount. Thus, it is a stronger argument.

A single blog entry is too small to explore this topic in a martial art context, but will be referenced frequently as we go along.

“Stay Tuned”  😉

Copyright HMaier 2017

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