I like to say that “I was born into Wing Chun backwards”. What I mean by that is that the first thing I learned, many consider the most advanced (the Wooden Man). Then oddness of circumstance set me up to absorb all the other forms “in one swallow”. So I never saw them as separate. To me, they have always been simply one big form. [shrug] We’re born the way we’re born. We take it for granted. But these circumstances mean that I view the art a little differently, and perhaps teach it that way. C’est la Vie.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been taught privately by Wang Kiu. Ideas are more important to me than moves. Analysis tops sweating. Sparring is just a train of thought. So that is what I bring to the Round Table. Like any other approach, it will appeal strongly to some folks…a lot more, 30 years on, with the web putting the world a keystroke away.

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